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Website Design

Designing a school’s website is crucial as it forms the initial impression for potential students and parents.

– User-friendly interface

– Informative content

– Visually appealing design

– Mobile responsiveness

– Content Management System

Search Engine Optimization

Schools, don’t get lost online! Our SEO boosts your website ranking, helping parents searching for schools find you easily.

– Keyword research

– On-page optimization

– Content creation

– Link building

– Technical SEO optimization

– Mobile-friendliness

– Local SEO

Social Media Marketing

We will assist you in utilizing social media’s potential to engage with potential students, parents, alumni, and the broader community.

– Platform selection

– Content strategy

– Content Calendar Development

– Community building

– Paid advertising

– Social media listening

– influencer marketing (optional)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Top search results, relevant sites! PPC targets ideal students actively searching for you. Generate qualified leads to fill classrooms.

– Search engine advertising

– Social media advertising

– Display advertising

– Landing page optimization

– Campaign budget management

– Bid strategy

– Conversion tracking


Email Marketing

Strengthen your school community! Our email marketing keeps you connected with students, parents, alumni & more.

– Building an email list

– Email segmentation

– Email newsletter creation

– Automated email sequences

– Email analytics

– A/B testing

Video Marketing

Engage with video! Share your school’s story with virtual tours, student work, and expert interviews. We can help you create!

– Video testimonials

– School explainer videos

– Student life video

– Event videos

– Utilize video across platforms

Online Reputation Management

School reputation online? We help! Manage reviews, address feedback, and get happy families singing your praises.

– Monitor reviews

– Respond to reviews

– Encourage positive reviews

– Resolve customer issues

– Address negative feedback

Traditional Advertising

Despite the vastness of the digital world, traditional advertising remains valuable.

– Strategic print ads

– Flex board Design

– Flyers design

– Radio commercials

– Billboards

– Local sponsorships

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