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Website Design

Captivate, inform, empower. We design a user-friendly college website that shines on any device and leaves a lasting impression.

– User-friendly interface

– Informative content

– Visually appealing design

– Mobile responsiveness

– Content Management System

Search Engine Optimization

Attract more students! Boost your university’s search ranking for programs and get noticed by qualified applicants.

– Keyword research

– On-page optimization

– Content creation

– Link building

– Technical SEO optimization

– Mobile-friendliness

– Local SEO

Social Media Marketing

Stand out on social media! Our content fits your college’s vibe, captivates future students, and highlights your unique community.

– Platform selection

– Content strategy

– Content Calendar Development

– Community building

– Paid advertising

– Social media listening

– influencer marketing (optional)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

With PPC ads, target your ideal audience across search engines and websites. You only pay when they click, driving qualified traffic to your site for better student enrollment.

– Search engine advertising

– Social media advertising

– Display advertising

– Landing page optimization

– Campaign budget management

– Bid strategy

– Conversion tracking


Email Marketing

Targeted college emails keep you top-of-mind with prospects. Showcase programs, events, and student success stories directly to their inboxes.

– Building an email list

– Email segmentation

– Email newsletter creation

– Automated email sequences

– Email analytics

– A/B testing

Video Marketing

Compelling college videos showcase your campus & student life on various webpages, sparking connections and future dreams.

– Video testimonials

– School explainer videos

– Student life videos

– Event videos

– Utilize video across platforms

Online Reputation Management

Get glowing reviews! We help prompt happy students to share their experiences on key platforms, building trust and attracting new applicants.

– Monitor reviews

– Respond to reviews

– Encourage positive reviews

– Resolve customer issues

– Address negative feedback

Traditional Advertising

Go beyond the digital crowd. Reach new students with eye-catching traditional ads.

– Strategic print ads

– Flex Board Design

– Flyers design

– Radio commercials

– Billboards

– Local sponsorships

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