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// About us

Edubang Media has been the key factor in the success of many educational institutions in India for more than 5 years. We have completed over 100+ projects, overseen a budget of more than 1 Crore+ and produced more than 20,000+ leads, while achieving a impressive 5X ROI for our clients.

Our enthusiastic team of marketing experts in the education field has a thorough grasp of the constantly evolving digital environment and the specific hurdles encountered by schools, EdTech companies, and tutoring centers. This skill enables us to develop customized digital marketing strategies that are both data-driven and creative to fit your individual requirements.

This is what distinguishes Edubang Media:

Specialized skills

Our expertise lies in education marketing, guaranteeing that our tactics are well-received by your specific audience.

Customer-Focused Method

 We work closely with you to comprehend your objectives and create a personalized plan that matches your vision.

Quantifiable Outcomes

We monitor important data points and provide clear reports that showcase how our campaigns are influencing your financial performance.

// End Goal

Where we see our self in the future

To become the top digital marketing ally for educational brands worldwide, known for trustworthiness and proven success. Our vision is to see educational organizations harness data-driven marketing to maximize their capabilities and enable students worldwide.

Our mission at Edubang Media is to become edtech marketing brand globally and support our clinets for their lasting achievements. We achieve this by collaborating with you to create and implement creative digital marketing plans driven by data and insights from the real world. Our group of marketing professionals will create effective campaigns that resonate with your desired demographic and produce quantifiable outcomes that promote expansion.

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